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One of the many advantages of nights spent by the south Devon shoreline is the absence of big city light pollution. Nonetheless, tonight seemed exceptional in its clarity. This is a fisheye view of the sky above our house in Slapton (the corner of which you can see in the bottom right). To the left of the photograph, you can make out The Plough (aka The Big Dipper), but less often seen clearly is the Milky Way, here in the center of the photograph. Adding a little extra spice to the photograph are the tracks (curving thanks to the fisheye lens) of two shooting stars, one a little brighter than the other, at the top right right of the photo. There's a third straighter and fainter one towards the center of the photo across the Milky Way.

Pretty neat, huh!


Click on photo for larger image.

In retrospect, I think the two tracks towards the top of the photo are more likely to be aircraft than shooting stars, but the one in the middle definitely is.


No, it's not – it's the wire from the telephone pole!

This is why I like to look again and again at old photographs. 🙂