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Heading into the last stage of our vacation now, a short time with my father and my sister's family in Slapton, Devon.

Every day has brought a healthy share of pleasures, yet that nagging feeling I described earlier of being something of a stranger in a strange land has persisted. I am only now becoming aware of how much of America has entered my soul. Used to, and now loving, the wide expanses of the Midwest and the beautiful Great River valleys, I find much of England almost cramped, even claustrophobic.

My trip to Romney Marsh a couple of days ago was satisfying not only because it was a part of England I'd never explored, but also it resembles quite closely the flood plains of places such a American Botton in the Mississippi Valley. This is the first time I'm aware of that I was looking at a part of England and finding satisfaction because it resembled America!However, there is one thing the Midwest cannot provide. I have spent a lot of time by the sea. Very good food for the soul.