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A good night's sleep in our fold-away bed in my mother's house in Wonersh. Waking to mostly gray skies and a deliciously cool temperature. Sunday morning – a good time to feel reflective and relaxed.

I've noticed a real difference in my emotional response to this vacation from all other prior holidays to England. I used to feel that coming back was a homecoming of sorts, and I couldn't wait to revisit all the familiar places I knew from early life growing up here.

I no longer feel this. Instead, I find myself drifting in thought to the Missouri and Illinois places I have come to know and love over the past years, mostly it seems over the past few years. That's a big change. It means I have become rooted in America, and rooted in the most meaningful way as regards love for any place, love of the land. People – they are much the same the world over, most worthy, a few not so. Governments – again, broadly democratic in much of the world, and definitely so in the world I inhabit. No great difference there. Cultures – all have their individual quirks, but they end up being designed to allow a large number of people to live together harmoniously with a sense of shared values, and that is usually the result. Look at the big picture, and those differences that some of us get worked up about become largely meaningless.

So it comes back to the land. There's the beauty. I now feel it as deeply for America as I do for England.

A path through the marshes at Cley-next-to-the-sea.