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Henry VIII has a lot to answer for, and I'm sure each of his six wives would agree, even the ones he didn't execute.

One of his more egregious acts was to go around knocking down perfectly good monasteries as way of thumbing his nose at Rome for making trouble over those wives or soon-to-be-ex wives and in the process accumulate copious amounts of land and treasure.

One unfortunate victim was Walsingham Priory. Originally founded in 1153, this beautiful building was built as a shrine and place of pilgrimmage as one century earlier an Anglo-Saxon noblewoman, Richeldis de Faverches, saw a vision of the Virgin Mary that set the ball rolling, as it were.

However by 1538, the Priory's luck ran out and down it came. Not all of it though. This striking archway remains as well as some parts of the wall.For centuries the ruin remained largely forgotten, until its revival as a place of pilgrimage in the 20th century.