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Our next port of call was Barsham Barns. These are a set of converted stone and brick farm barns that have been converted into luxury apartments for short term hire. My sister booked us into one for a week, my family, hers and my mother.

A very agreeable arrangement.

The barns are right in the middle of the Norfolk countryside, not far from Walsingham and not far from the sea. The local rectory farms chickens, so fresh free-range eggs are to be had every morning from a little kiosk. In Walsingham, there is an excellent farm shop for other goodies, so we are very well set here.

There's lots to see, but if we just want to stay home, we can sit in the garden and watch the bumble bees hover over the large lavender bushes.

As (almost) always is to be found at these little outposts, there is a red telephone box and mail box!