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With more and more disk space available, and faster upload times, I am increasing the size of the photographs I upload here. When I started, I used a longest edge of 800 pixels, and that was pretty large by the standards of 2006, but now they look quite petite. Last year I moved up to 900 pixels, this year I'm moving to 1000 pixels. Who knows what next year will bring. Regardless, the photos I post here are still pretty small compared to the originals – I keep something all to myself!

Perhaps I will resize some of my older favorites. Meanwhile, here's a new one from an old shoot, Scotland, near Jedburgh in 2006. Nothing particularly special about it, but it makes me feel warm because I ate a meal of haggis, neeps and tatties there that, although obviously aimed at the tourist, was unexpectedly quite delicious. 🙂I have, largely because I am something of a pack rat for old photos, huge numbers of old pictures. Many are duplicates or near duplicates and of little obvious value, except I still value them!