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It has been a more satisfying week than last, even though I still feel tired and a little stretched. I'm certainly ready for the upcoming summer vacation. Summer weather is definitely here, hot and humid, and that never helps my energy level. Still it's not that hot or that humid, at least in terms of the worst of a St. Louis summer. Plenty of time for some of that to come. However, we're only a few days from the summer solstice and once the days begin to shorten again, however incrementally, I always sense that winter is returning and there's something about that thought that is cooling. Even when the actual temperature is far from cool.

I drove out to Alton again tonight to the spot overlooking the Mississippi that I've visited a few times before over the past days.

Just like before, there were only a handful of cars and very few people, despite a lot capable of holding practically a shopping mall's worth of vehicles. This surprises me. It's a place with one of the best views in the entire St. Louis area and ideal to catch a setting sun. Maybe, like me until a few days ago, no one knows about it.
Tonight's sun was not spectacular, but pleasing a more subtle way. A bit like my week.