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After working one time only, the Stereo-Link USB 1200 sound converter that I use for playing music from my computer through my stereo system failed to be recognized by Windows 7 on my new HP laptop (it works flawlessly with XP on older machines).

Driver errors. I looked it up on the internet and found this is a common problem with this piece of equipment. It's nice not to be alone. However, there is no consistent solution and what work-arounds there are seen to involve repeated tinkering with the system registry – something I avoid as a rule.

So I decided to by-pass Windows 7 completely. Use Wubi, I installed the current (10.04) version of Ubuntu into my Windows 7 file system. This allows me to boot-up into Ubuntu and run that as my operating system. As I am doing now.

Now my Stereo-Link works perfectly and I am musically contented again. Truthfully, were it not for the fact that the Canon software I use for processing my digital photographs requires Windows (or Mac OS X), I wouldn't use Windows at all. Everything else can be done in Ubuntu, and often better as this example illustrates.