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A title, Art Weekend that is, that led me to replay one of my favorite albums tonight – David Bowie's Low.

Last night we went to the Art St. Louis exhibition 'Seeing Red' where my friend Rose Tidwell was exhibiting this lovely creation, called "The Last Straw". Lots of red themed works, naturally enough. This one below, Sarah Palin as Kali by Rob Millard-Mendez caught my eye. I wonder what Kali would make of it?Regardless, with our art tastes restimulated, we went to the St. Louis Art Museum this afternoon. It's being rebuilt and extended, a job supposed to take two more years, although perhaps longer as I learned from a discussion with a guard. Extensive removal of earth from one side of the old building had caused the structure to settle requiring piles and supports to be hastily added to prevent further damage. So it goes.

I felt in a video mode today, so I shot this one as I traversed a long corridor leading to a statue of Buddha.