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Natural selection strikes again.

An unsettling article in the New York Times today highlights the diminishing effectiveness of glyphosate herbicide – Roundup, as originally developed by Monsanto. Extensive use of this herbicide seemed to be going well for a decade or so, but, as often happens with nature, if you kill off one susceptible part of any weed population, the plants that are left by virtue of natural resistance to the poison will proliferate and become the dominant strain.

As has happened with this plant, the Giant Ragweed, Ambrosia trifida and other plants, notably Pigweed, Palmer amaranth, that has the potential to be as harmful to the cotton crop as the boll weevil once was.

Bad news indeed for farmers and allergy sufferers. And old news to many with a closer eye on farmland. However, the article finally led me to identify this imposing colony of giant ragweed encroaching into a corn field in Wisconsin as well as reference my 'favorite' noxious plant.