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A view from high up on the valleyside in Femme Osage, Missouri, looking down at the church as the sun sets.

It's a tiny little village, set on the Femme Osage Creek valley, not far from the Missouri River and right in the heart of Missouri's wine growing region around Augusta.

Before reaching it, I'd been wandering the farm tracks in the Missouri valley.It was a hazy, mostly cloudless, but not too hot spring day. A good day to be out. I stopped by the Missouri at the Weldon Spring Access point, a took this panorama from the boast ramp.(Click the image for the large size version). I love this particular stretch because it is so unspoiled. Much later in the day, as I was returning from Femme Osage, I stopped again at the same spot. The river was mostly in shade, but the sinking sun gave me this pretty silhouette.