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I drove, as I have done many times in the past, out to St. Charles County to take last night's photographs. However, should St. Charles Missouri House Representative Chuck Gatschenberger have his way, in future I will have to walk.

For Representative Gatschenberger has introduced a bill into the Missouri House that would allow only U.S. Citizens to hold Missouri driving licenses. I happen to be British and legal Permanent Resident of the United States for about 25 years. That would not be good enough for Representative Gatschenberger. I wonder just what purpose his bill serves? A good number of my fellow workers would be similarly affected – all that would happen is that a lot of very talented people would think twice about settling and working in Missouri. Maybe one place they haven't settled already is St. Charles County because this bill makes no sense.

Meanwhile, I shall keep driving through and photographing this beautiful county and put out of my mind that at least one of its citizens is not particularly tolerant of others who are not.

(Happily, this has not gone unnoticed by more level headed Missourians.)

(Continued in Part II)