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Cliffs on the shores of Lake Superior, near Munising in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Found as I idly browsed through my digital file archives this evening, in this case shots dating from 2007. How much easier it is to look back in this way – I have folders full of film prints that never get perused. I have a lot of pictures; it's nice to be reminded of fun times. This Ontario-Michigan holiday was one of the best. Here's another of the Lake Superior coastline near Batchawana Bay, Ontario.One of dozens I took of this scene, all of which have something to recommend them. Sometimes I have felt tempted to prune my digital archive, but only if the picture is obviously out of focus have I done so. I'm glad of that decision now. Flipping through dozens of these shots takes me right back, in a way a movie might, to the time and place I photographed them.