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The snow fell last night.

Beginning at about 7 p.m., it came down as dust and powder. More like icing sugar than wet and heavy, this was the night time view as we came out of Riddles Penultimate after a very delightful birthday dinner for Ruth.

A wind was rising, gusting the fine snowflakes around. It's still here even though no more fresh snow is falling.
That tapered off overnight, giving me this view as I came out of the house to go to work early this morning.

A slippery car ride took me to the Metro station and a nearly empty station car lot. That was convenient for I was able to park close to the entrance path. The same strong breeze was bitter and biting and we were a shivering group of passengers waiting for the eastbound train.

I got to work to find that half the lab had decided to stay at home. That gave me a slightly superior feeling, but I would have enjoyed a day at home too.