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Was today the pivot between summer and autumn in St. Louis? Walking through Forest Park at midday, it certainly felt that way.

There were wildflowers blooming all around me, butterflies and grasshoppers too, and a warm sun in a bright blue sky swiftly generated a sense of overheating under my jacket and sweatshirt.

Everything looked very green, yet not wholly so. One or two trees were turning to yellow, and the faintest tint of autumn color brushed others.The grasses in particular revealed a rich palette of greens, yellows, browns and reds. Almost everything quivered with the vibrancy of summer, yet in a few days it will all turn. Then we'll see the bright oranges and reds, but today I was enjoying the subtleties before that change. Something I have not put much mind to in the past. I am glad I did so today.