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A trip this afternoon to Valmeyer, Illinois.

This small town was destroyed by the great Mississippi flood of 1993, and in the aftermath the village was relocated 400 feet higher on the adjacent bluffs. However, in the optimistic way that development proceeds in this area, buildings are now popping up once again on the flood plain on the site of the old village.

The entrance road, Illinois Route 156, passed through Valmeyer and then onward and upward onto the levee that protects the entire area. It was here, on Levee Road, that we saw these egrets.

There must have been hundreds of them, mostly collected around the shallow pools that form on the river side of the levee, but a few taking to the trees to get away from it all.

For a few youngsters, taking to the trees was clearly not fun enough. Why sit in a tree when you could commandeer some transport?Better yet, bring a friend.Now, let's roll!