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About 10 days ago now, lunch at the Bistro at the Skimmerhorn Winery – Chicken and mushroom stuffed crêpe:

classic garlic and white wine cream sauce with breast meat and crimini mushrooms, served with house greens or soup

Followed by lemon tart with whipped cream and all accompanied by a bottle of Skimmerhorn Gewürztraminer 2007. Totally delicious.

It reminded us of the early days of the Missouri wineries in Augusta in the Missouri valley about three decades ago. Not only are the wines of similar character, but this winery, only in existence for three years or so, still has that freshness of a beginning business. Alas, the Augusta wineries are overbuilt and over-commercialised now, losing almost all their charm in the process (although the wines continue to be good). We rarely go to them, so it was a treat to find this excellent beginning vineyard.