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Geoff and I went for a road trip up Interstate 15 last night to Ulm Pishkun State Park (recently renamed First Peoples Buffalo Jump) last night.

We hoping to get some evening sun on the giant plateau called Square Butte that you can see here as viewed from Ulm Pishkun at a distance of about 20 miles. Unfortunately, what had seemed a promising evening decided to rob us of light as soon as we arrived, hence the rather unexciting photograph.

Nevermind. It was lovely drive up through the Missouri Valley very close to the source of that river. The sky, when we arrived, was not without subtlety, and the 360° view was simply astonishing.
The state park itself was the site of a buffalo jump, a drop used by the native people to kill bison by stampeding a herd over the cliff edge. Here you can see Geoff on the cliff edge and the drop below in this fisheye shot with Geoff looking towards Square Butte.We stayed a while, hoping for a break in the clouds, but a rainstorm on the far horizon defeated us. Then a trip through the dark home, time for good conversation and more than enough satisfaction despite the sun.