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Standing on the hill above my friends Geoff & Martha's house in Helena, Montana, catching a panorama of the city.

An engrossing view, and a poignant spot to be standing on as only a few weeks before a dreadful teenage killing had taken place on this hillside. A boy shot, execution style, three other young teenagers, killing one.This strange memorial, one of two that we found, was laid out on or close to the murder spot. Candles, flowers and notes – but an empty vodka bottle and beer cans… Well, alcohol was implicated in the murder so perhaps it is appropriate. Whatever way you look at it, a desperately sad scene.

While Geoff and I stood on the hill, discussing this crime, a storm cloud crept in from behind us. We beat a hasty retreat before the thunder and rain, and as I looked back, I saw this angry cloud almost in the shape of giant fist looming over us. It was hard not regard it as judgement on the horror that occured on this hillside.