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An enormous pleasure today – meeting Edward in his hometown of Spokane, Washington.

We drove down from Creston, BC, being held up by customs again but let go after a lengthy background check. Must be the aging photo on my greencard, or else I just look like a crook. 😀 Nice drive down into Spokane and then downtown to the Riverfront Park, meeting Edward in the lobby of the big mall down there.

It was so good to see him in person, putting a little real flesh on the mental image I've carried for a long time. We found a delicious cheeseburger, then on to a walk down to the Spokane Falls on what was now turning into a hot and sticky afternoon. That's where I took this photo. Not really enough time for a deep conversation, alas, but more than enough time to get a lot of warm feelings and a strong sense of meeting well.

Thank you, Edward!