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A mellow day today that started out with a moment of high anxiety when the power supply to this laptop failed. Fortunately, I was able to find a universal power unit in Creston, so I am up and running again.

Laundry and breakfast in town this morning, then a drive out to the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area. This is an extensive wetlands area, rich in reeds and associated wildlife, and makes for a very congenial spot with the Purcell Mountains to the east and the Selkirk Mountains to the west.

Congenial in every respect except for the mosquitos who were both numerous and aggressive, necessitating the use of a lot of DEET. We'd left our bottle at home, but were rescued by a pair of birdwatchers who kindly shared the repellent.

Not a huge number of birds to be seen, as the high reeds concealed them very well. Bright yellow water lily flowers (Rocky Mountain Cow-lily) decorated the streams – very pretty.

There were many trails to follow, some on boardwalks, one leading to wooden observation tower where I took these landscape photographs. It really was as pretty a nature reserve as any I've seen, and with the change in the weather from yesterday's heat, it was cool and refreshing with the air heavy with natural scent.

It was so delightful that we decided to come again later in the evening, and that's where I took the top photograph of the Skimmerhorns illuminated with the deep red of the lowering sun.

We may well go back again tomorrow. We've only looked a small part of the reserve and there are lakes yet to see. I think we have struck gold with this little town, and we even found a winery, the Skimmerhorn Winery, this afternoon that had a variety of very good wines (at very good prices).

The day ended with a few thunderstorms and stormy rain clouds, such as you see here.Now to bed! 🙂