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We've stayed in Pincher Creek for a couple of days. We like this town and we like our motel, The Blue Mountain Motel. Very accommodating and friendly.

This gives us the chance to look around locally in a bit more depth, and today we went again to Waterton Lakes National Park.

A drive through the park took us to Red Rock Canyon, where we found this happy scene of people playing and bathing in the bright red rock creek, as this fisheye shot shows. It reminded me of Missouri's Johnson's Shut-Ins before that particular park was hit by a dam failure.

We decided to skip the creek, and walk down a trail that led deep into the valley. I recalled the trails we had taken in the Scottish Highlands last year, except we, on the trail path, were already at 1500 meters and the highest Scottish mountain, Ben Nevis, is only 1344 meters high!

Each I found myself lulled into a Highland mood, I would look up and see some vast rocky crag rising to the sky that was most un-Highlandish.

The air is wonderful here. Clear, light, and rich with the scent of pine trees.

The trail was easy, but we stopped frequently just to look at the view.It's not easy to do justice to the scale of these huge mountains, but this shot of my wife disappearing down the trail ahead of me perhaps gives some idea.

After a while, I began to get a feel for this landscape, cooler, drier and more remote than the Highlands. Less forgiving and friendly perhaps, largely because, unlike many of the Scottish hills, it rises out of a high plain and not the sea.

Beautiful and impressive, nonetheless.