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Alexandria, Minnesota, that is. You can travel the American continent and pass through namesake towns and cities to match many of the great cities of the world. It makes me smile. 🙂

525 miles of driving today, from these swans in Lombard, Illinois, to Alexandria. Interstate driving north and west on I-90 and I-94. Not much time for stopping, let alone photography, but I did catch this view of the Black River valley near Black River Falls, Wisconsin.Attractive rolling hills under a moody gray sky – this represented much of today's journey. The best bit? A drop in temperature from the 80° F's in Chicago to a blissful (after a week of near 100° F (37° C) in St. Louis) to a mild 63° F (17° C) here in Alexandria.

Lovely. 🙂

Shall have to get used again to centigrade – it, as in the rest of the world, is the official measure of temperature in Canada, our next destination.