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It's way too hot here to generate much enthusiasm for making a trip out for photography, so instead I've been at home taking it easy.

Part of that relaxation involved tinkering with some old photographs dating back to 2004 and taken with my old Canon Powershot G2 camera.

This was my last fixed-lens camera before I joined the world of digital SLRs, and produced images that seemed fabulous to me at the time, but are somewhat lacking seen through 2009 eyes. Not surprising as this camera dates back to 2001, a massive timespan in digital camera development terms.

I took this dark sunset shot on Chinthurst Hill in Wonersh on a summer's evening. Not a particularly spectacular photo, but moody and associated with meaningful memories.

It caught my eye as I was browsing this afternoon and then I began to wonder what might lie beneath that murk. For a while, I've been using a freeware program called Raw Therapee to process Canon RAW images. It's a very sophisticated and powerful program that allows you a lot of control over the image. So I decided to process this picture and see what I got, using mostly controls that change shadow and highlights.

Here's the result:

A beautiful hillside and small herd of horses. I was frankly astonished that I could pull this much detail out of an image that old in terms of digital processing, and it speaks well of the sensitivity and noise control of that early Canon sensor.