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My favorite dramatic medium is the radio play. I grew up listening to them on the BBC, mostly on Radio 4, and learned to appreciate the special blend that words and visual imagination can bring to a drama. Then I moved to America, a land bereft such delights and resigned myself to doing without.

Then, a few years ago, I discovered the BBC Radio web site and with that the ability to listen again to any drama broadcast in the prior seven days. I did not look back. I now listen to almost every broadcast play, the 5 weekly Afternoon Plays and the Saturday and Friday dramas. Usually when I get home from work – a 45 minute play is the perfect way to unwind.

Most are good, some are excellent and there are few uninteresting examples. I've recorded a few that bear up repeated listening. One of these is Time After Time by Gerry Jones. It's a suspense story based on a man who finds himself in an unknown hotel in an unknown town, having forgotten his name or why he is there. As the action progresses, he finds himself in situations that keep repeating themselves, and, as his self-knowledge increases, he realises he has to break the cycle of 'time after time' to escape from wherever he is.

The play begins and ends with the beautiful Frank Sinatra performance, "Time After Time". So here it is.