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I decided to chase the sunset tonight.

There are too many trees, buildings and hills in my neighborhood to get a really good view, so I got in the car and drove north into St. Charles County.

I left late and the sun was descending fast. By the time I got to a clear, open, area it was almost below the horizon.

I was close to the village of Portage des Sioux. I thought it might be worth driving down to the Mississippi riverside to see what it looked like there.
There was a lot more water than I expected. I drove through the village and down towards the statue of Our Lady of The Rivers. As a rise came up and then the drop to the river bank, I hastily stopped.

The road was completely flooded.

A pain for the locals, I am sure, but it made for a very pretty view.Ahead of me lay the flood water. Standing in it, there was the statue of Our Lady. Unapproachable now except by boat, but still lit up and glowing. I waited until it became a little darker and then headed home.