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[/IMG]A drive into the Illinois River valley today, out towards Hardin.

No great ambitions for this trip. It was a chance to relax with scenery and some Telemann Oboe Concertos on the CD player.

It had been a satisfying but hard week. For the first time, I had been let loose on some important patient muscle – my mitochondrial enzyme activity tests, the new job, now translate into real diagnoses for real people. This is a sobering thought. When I see evidence of failing biochemisty in my assays, I realise that this means an upsetting outcome for someone and those around that person. At least I can give an answer to what had been previously undiagnosed. A step towards healing, hopefully.

The Illinois River is flooding again. Many of the fields at the side of Route 100 were turning into lakes. It made for an attractive sight. Especially with the yellow bloom from looked like ragwort.

Here was some color for the day. Not until I crossed the bridge into Hardin did the sky relent into blue. I stopped at a mom and pop restaurant and ordered a cheese pizza to eat by the riverside.

Very satisfying.