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I went for another walk into the Weldon Spring Conservation Area this afternoon.

It was a warm day, but overcast with a solid bank of cloud that fortunately held no rain. A good day for a hike.

I entered the forest. At once, I was hit by a wall of color.

Almost everything was green. In fact, so green that I almost sensed I was bathed in that particular light, and that light seemed to take on complexities that I had never really considered before.

Without a bright sun and blue sky to provide a contrasting counter-light, the green seemed to vary in hue, sometimes with yellows dominating and sometimes with blues. This seem to change with angle and intensity of impinging light. It was extremely difficult to capture accurately with a camera.

I found myself marveling at this subtlety of color. It was almost intoxicating.
I have always found deep woods to be places of wonder and spirituality. Today I wondered how much of this feeling of awe was stimulated by the wash of light that I was witnessing.

Nearby, on Route 94, I found a lookout over the Missouri River. Here, it seemed, I could see all the myriad shadings of green I had noticed in the wood laid out before me. I came away with a strange sense of profundity. As if I had seen something as it really was for the first time.