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I'd spent a very enjoyable afternoon out on Missouri Route 94 visting Weldon Spring and Klondike Park. The sun was low by the time I began to return on the Missouri valley road heading north into Defiance.

As I drove along, I saw a police pick-up heading towards me pass me, wheel around and speed off in my direction, sirens and lights ablaze. For a moment as he came up fast behind, I thought he was going to pull me over. But he whizzed past and I followed at the speed limit, assuming he was chasing one of the frequent drunk drivers returning from the many wineries on this road.

I was wrong.

I arrived to this scene. A fire engine parked by a sharp bend in the road, motorcycles in the verge and people looking down into a ditch – the whole story seemed clear to me from that initial sight.

I stopped in a short line of traffic. More emergency vehicles arrived, including an ambulance.

Paramedics and firemen went down into the ditch.

After many minutes, they returned with a stretcher carrying the crash victim. He was clearly very badly hurt. Hopefully alive, though.

He was transferred to the ambulance. I thought it would speed away but it did not. It stayed for maybe another ten minutes before moving away. A paramedic interviewed his friend. Her face told the grim story.Earlier that afternoon I had passed through Defiance going south. There were perhaps fifty bikes and bikers partying and drinking there – they were still there after I left this accident scene. I really hoped no one else was going to spoil their day in the same way.

UPDATE: Here's a short news article about this accident