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An unashamedly geeky photo technique post. 🙂 …

I am amused to fnd that the latest upgrade to Canon's Digital Photo Professional software that allows you to edit uncompressed RAW format files from Canon cameras is increasing the default 'sharpness' setting on the 'Standard' preset, perhaps the most used picture processing setting.

It used to be zero. Now it is 3. I use 'Standard' fairly often, but all my photographs are initially taken using the 'Neutral' color setting and no sharpening. When I do sharpen color images, my maximum is usually 2, and the most often used setting is 1.

This suggests to me that image sharpness is becoming a problem for the latest high density Canon sensors and the presets are being adjusted to compensate. I'll bet the cameras with the greatest sharpness issues are the new Canon 50D and the soon-to-be released Canon Rebel T1i, both with 15 megapixels squeezed onto an APS-C size sensor. That's way too heavy a density – I hope sense prevails over marketing at some point, and Canon backs off.