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I spent much of yesterday fixing things, or trying to.

The first less-than-successful operation involved trying to re-establish internet access for a friend's family computer running Vista Home. The day before AT&T online failed, earlier that morning the man from AT&T failed. So did I. I left the computer running SLAX Linux from a CD, that worked just fine. At least they could check their e-mail and browse the web. It's hard to shake the opinion that Vista is the biggest piece of junk masquerading as an OS that I can think of.

Got home to find a Trojan had infected one of my PCs with an annoying browser redirection function. I eliminated the virus with AVG, but the computer was grinding to a crawl afterwards. So I reloaded Windows XP from scratch, taking the opportunity to install it on a newer and faster hard drive. Then I discovered I'd misplaced my CD folder containing some the disks of some programs I needed. Luckily, I had other copies scattered elsewhere, some stored as disk images on one of my older drives. So little was lost apart from time.

All of this kept me inside most of the day. It rained, so that was not a loss either. But the rain revealed the successful outcome of the biggest repair of all – our guttering. After many months of leaky water, some of which would creep into the basement, last week we finally replaced all the aging and corroded gutters that may have dated all the way back to before World War Two. So yesterday's rain (and even more overnight) went where it should and not a drop entered the basement. Hooray!!