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I had a free day today, so I filled the CD changer in the car with six Martha Argerich solo piano recordings, loaded up the cameras and headed out up to Highway 100 in Illinois.

It was miserably wet and foggy day, and even driving up to the lookout point in Pere Marquette State Park provided little more than bare trees and fog hanging over the floodwaters from a very full Illinois River.

Nonetheless, it was a very relaxing drive on the nearly empty road, with lots of Chopin, Schumann, Liszt and Ravel as accompaniment. I continued on to Hardin, crossing the river on the Joe Page Bridge. A lovely vertical lift bridge completed in 1931 – you can see the lift span in the photograph above. I've never seen it raised and today was not the day to hang around in Hardin waiting. Another time. But I stayed long enough to enjoy a Subway sandwich in the empty restaurant.

On my way home, this dead tree with flood waters behind it caught my eye. Something about those boughs collecting around the base as they fall away. High up, you can see a solitary bald eagle silhouetted against the white.