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On our bathroom I have arranged (a little raggedly at the moment) a number of my favorite photographs.

These are all landscapes, taken on various vacations over the past few years, and are important not for any great artistic quality, but because in each of these places I took some time out just to sit and look at the view.

When I lie in the bathtub, I look up at these and can drift off into the peaceful and rested state of mind that I felt when I was actually at the various places photographed.

Tonight, as I nursed a runny nose and stuffed air passages thanks to a persistent cold, I lay in the warm water and gazed again. I looked mostly at this picture, taken of a waterway in the Ontario wilderness. Taken during a very hot summer. (Right now, everything would be frozen solid!)

It's a transformative scene for me, taking me right out of myself and into a state of sereneness. Tonight I appreciated this.