Thanks to the glories of 12 month interest-free promotional offers, I have just done my bit to reinvigorate the U.S. economy (very, very slowly) by purchasing a Canon 5D Mark II camera body.

It will arrive next week, and give me that fleeting but intense thrill that any new gadget evokes as I work out how it works and marvel at its wonders. Not the least of which is the ability to take high-definition movies.

Of course, after about a week of marveling, it will subsume back into the category of useful tool. That's where it belongs, of course, and it is not what it is but what it may help produce in my photographic future that is its real value. And that depends far on me than any piece of equipment, however sophisticated.

In the meanwhile, though, I shall bask. Not least because this camera is very hard to obtain at the moment, and I caught it in a two hour window of opportunity at NewEgg.com before it sold out – again.