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It's been a cold, mostly cloudy day. Only now, late in the afternoon, did some blue sky appear and the evening sun make itself known.

An hour or so of rich yellow light. Very welcome.

Ending a quiet day spent at home. Mostly listening to radio plays or music, although I did watch two episodes of the old TV show Twin Peaks on the computer this morning.

I hadn't seen them for many years and the full sense of surrealistic menace came across intact. A fitting commentary on a dislocated week that has included both the death of my uncle and a shift in my work.

It's now confirmed that I will move away from the animal research that I have done, either in my current lab or beforehand, for about 15 years now. I will be working with humans, developing and making clinical diagnoses. A direct impact this time rather than the displacement built into basic research. All in the same lab and with the same people I have known and liked for years.

Meanwhile, I will be setting up the research project that my current boss has planned and helping train whoever comes in to replace me. He interviewed two people this week; maybe one of them will work out. With a definite exit ahead of me, it's a little strange doing this, particularly as my doubts as the practicality of the upcoming project haven't changed one bit. Indeed, I sense even greater difficulties than before. We will see how this plays out over the coming weeks.

I feel the stress of the past few weeks has lifted somewhat, although it won't really pass until I have moved on completely. Hopefully, the potential train wreck that seems quite clear to me will not happen but whether it does or does not, my part in it will be limited. Others will have to worry about that. This, in itself, is a relief.