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One of those hazy, diffuse days this afternoon that are not the photographer's friend. Feeble shadows, mist hovering over the longer distance and pale, unexciting, light.

Still, I love days like this. There's something very beautiful about this veiled light that has always appealed to me – maybe it is the very diffuseness, giving everything a slighty dreamlike quality. Maybe it is growing up in England where low contrast days seemed almost ubiquitous in my youth.

I found this snow rock in Junior High Park in Maplewood. It looked uncannily like the ancient stones in Avebury, England, despite being white and growing grassy whiskers. All that was left of a very big snowman after several days of quite warm weather.

Not warm enough today, though, to bring many people out. Apart from a handful of young children on the playground and a few dog walkers, I was pretty much alone.
Dead grass, deserted stands, faded color.

Very soothing.