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Spent a very pleasant evening at the St. Louis Art Museum listening to a soprano and piano song recital by Wendy Bryn Harmer and Christopher Cano. Songs by Rachmaninov, Mendelssohn, Wagner and Irving Berlin. Beautifully sung and played.

I went in the company of some friends from work including my soon-to-be-ex boss. It felt just a little bit strange, but he's a really nice person. I just can't work for him, alas. Had conversations earlier with him and my old boss where I was honest about I could and could not do and what I wanted. Almost anti-interviews; these were a dose of plain speaking and reality that is not that common in my experience of the dance of work.

The outcome was good. Details still need to be finalized but the result is that I will be staying in the same lab doing something else for someone else after a couple of months have elapsed to give my current boss time to find a replacement. I hope he does and it works out for him.

An exhausting week, yes. But a very productive one.