My wife and I went for another trip down to Cliff Cave County Park this afternoon.

It's been an unusually warm day – 50 F – and the heavy snowfall of last week is disappearing rapidly. Enough left, though, to decorate the park.

As before, the sun was low when we arrived but the combination of warm air and snow on the ground put me a very different mood from last time.
A much more mellow feeling.

So I stayed away from the river bank itself, and focused on catching the bare trees and bushes caught by or backlit by the setting-sun-lit Mississippi River bank.

This strangely shaped bush caught my eye – it looked something with wings to me. A bird – an angel?

The darkening winter blue sky was very peaceful, and the warm glow on the bare trees added to the effect.

We didn't spend a lot of time there; the park closes an hour and a half after sunset but it made for one of the those strangely purifing times when my mind seems to empty of cares and reset itself.

We left just as the far bank of the Mississippi caught the sun's last glow. I love the sight of reddening bare trees on a shoreline and here it was. My mood since returning has been of complete relaxation. Lovely.