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Late yesterday my wife and I went for a trip to Cliff Cave County Park, yet another local spot that I've never seen despite 25 years or so of living in St. Louis.

By the time we arrived, the sun was very low, and by the time I had got my camera onto the river bank, the shadows were really too far gone for me to get any really satisfactory photographs. But here's one of a lonely tethered barge in the evening pinkness.

It was cold and my fingers were red and stiff by the time I snapped this, and I felt that it had not been the best use of my time. But really it was a worthwhile exploration and I will go back under better conditions.

Anyway, I was thinking of this today as work didn't go quite right either. One of those days, alas. No great damage done, but irritating mix-ups and unnecessary duplications of effort. By tonight, I was feeling quite tired and a bit strung-out with an annoying tension-related back-ache. To compensate, I finished the very last of the large bar of Cadbury's milk chocolate that my mother sent me for Christmas, and that was good indeed. Now I'm in bed with music and a warm duvet, and this is good too. Hopefully the cat will join me soon.

Tomorrow will be better.