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I thank my friend Geoff Wyatt for leading me to this beautiful gravestone.

It's located in an isolated cemetery in the countryside near Columbia, Illinois, a graveyard that is a little unusual (for this area) in that there is a church, Zoar Church, close by.

The stone is a memorial for Eva Wessel and Anna Wessel. The date of death for both is 1872; the date of birth for Anna is also 1872. I thus deduce that this is the grave of a mother and daughter, both dying during or shortly after childbirth.

Very sad.

This sense of life cut short well before it had a chance to blossom is poignantly depicted by this stone.

It's largely made of unfinished granite with smoothed but mostly blank side panels. The only fully worked area is a corner, carved into a leaf adorned column. One leg of an unfinished story.

The statue is clearly very heavy, and is starting to lean into the soft earth of this hilltop cemetery. I hope it does not fall over. It is very beautiful and powerfully moving.