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A cloudy, overcast, and gray day today and that suited my mood very well. I've been feeling a little irritable and not quite settled this week. I noticed it yesterday when my weekly lunchtime friend, who can be rather rigid and set in her ways, irritated me a lot more than usual.

Today's lunchtime, I decided to take a walk down by the Mississippi River in St. Louis. Something I do from time to time. Usually, I stroll around the Arch park, but not this day.

I got off the Metro train at the Laclede's Landing on Eads Bridge as I normally do, but, seeking something a little differeent, decided to walk north away from the Arch. The river was very low, giving me a lot more room to wander.

I passed by the Admiral Casino riverboat. It looked almost deserted, but a few folks were coming or going. Very few really; the riverfront seemed almost eerily empty of people.

Continuing on I started to get well away from the tourist area and into an industrial region. Post-industrial I should say, for the building were in poor repair and looked semi-derelict.

I pressed on, for something rather bizzare caught my eye. It was a statue of an angel on a column, looking as if it belonged in a stately home rather than here in this wasteland.

Very strange.

There was a small, clearly 'green', small business newly built close to this statue, complete with a wind turbine. Signs of renewal here among the debris.I spent longer here than I intended. I found a strange beauty in this decaying landscape. It definitely lifted my mood.