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Some things are so routine that I give them little thought.

Like the walk down my street to the bus stop every work day morning.

But, this morning, I gave it a little more mind. The morning sun was still low and shining yellow through the trees. It looked very pretty.

A reminder that beauty is all around you; all you have to do is look.

So I took this photograph – one, I might add, of a series that I've been experimenting with, trying to capture that elusive light – this morning and I liked it.

So here it is. The path that leads from my house to the bus stop. No more than three minutes or so, and then a short wait for the bus, and, frequently, a conversation with Carl. He's a house painter/handyman who is often on his way to his boss's house just up the road and loves to dawdle with conversation.

He gets about five minutes in before the No. 60 arrives. I find it a fine way to start the work day.