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I got up this morning to find a large puddle of water in the middle of the basement floor, and various boxes slowly blotting it up. :awww:

I had the remnants of Hurricane Ike to thank for this as it passed over St. Louis last night. When the rain had stopped and I'd finished moving things around, I walked out into my local park, Heman Park.

There I found the swimming pool filled to overflowing with brown, muddy water.

The grass was covered with large pools, draining slowly enough for the local ducks to enjoy at least.

The roads were streaked with mud. A great deal of water had passed over this land, and what I was seeing was only the end of it.

Strong winds too.

The funny thing is, I slept through all of this without noticing anything much out of the ordinary. It rained, but that was all I registered as I awoke out of some deep sleep and promptly fell back into it.

The overturned garbage container was not the only one out of place. I walked across the small foot bridge that crossed the normally almost dry River Des Peres to see this one left high out of the water and an indicator of how much water had flowed during the night.

The river looked – as it normally does not – like a real river, albeit a very dirty and muddy one.

Water was still pouring into this stream from the many pools around me.

Just by the entrance to the bridge, the earth had been churned and distrupted. Small blocks of asphalt had been kicked out of the path surface. It seemed like some underground surge of water had been at work here; I could see holes in the ground that looked very recently formed.

I continued my walk around the park, seeing the same muddy streaks all over but most of the surface water was drained away by now. I can only guess how much water accumulated there over night. It seemed like the whole park might have turned into a lake.

There were leaves everywhere. Stuck on fences, covering storm sewers. Just how much water fell can be seen from this hydrological chart. The Mississippi River is shooting up, well above the predicted rate too.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the flood had a tragic outcome. Two people from a house very close to mine were drowned in the River Des Peres. The very same river you see in the above photograph. 😦