It's astonishingly cool here right now, about 63 F, so I felt the need to warm myself up with this sunset taken only 4 days ago on a typically steamy Missouri summer day.

All the windows are open, the air conditioner has been off for three days, it's all really rather delightful. Not sure if I am ready for such a rapid exit for what has been a very mild summer here, essentially because it upsets my sense of routine more than anything else.

I watch the daily arctic sea ice map, with that part of the world changing so drastically that all the weather systems in the world are going to be rejiggled in totally unpredictable ways, and this cool Missouri summer may well be part of that. Nothing we can do about it now; the damage has been done in terms of greenhouse gases and even if we stopped carbon emissions completely today, it wouldn't help for decades.

So we will have to adapt, and I find this very exciting in a perverse sort of way. Perverse, because the effects are likely to be very unfortunate for a lot of people. Exciting, because it's going to stimulate a great deal of creativity and social reorganization that might actually turn out to be better than the capitalist/nationalist mess that currently passes for human civilization.

Not that I hear much about this from the two politicians currently striving to become President of one of the more influential group of people on this planet. Ah well, I have a feeling that in a few years time, attitudes will be very different.