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The very last pictures I take on any vacation tend to sit on my camera, unloaded for a few days and sometimes even forgotten. They are not usually anything special, just a few desultory shots taken while counting down the minutes before the ride to the airport. In this case, taken during a very brief walk around Wonersh Cricket Club cricket pitch that was interrupted by a sudden and violent downpour.

Nonetheless as they are the very last shots I take, they assume a certain poignancy for me that transcends the subject and attaches a powerful signifier of time and place onto them. When I look back over older photo records from holidays now many years past, it just takes a brief look at the equivalent pictures to bring back all the sense of loss and leaving that I felt on those particular last days.

Happily, such sad feelings do not remain for long, but they remind me that a photograph is always much more than simply a photograph.