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The Mississippi River is close to its forecast crest in St. Louis today, and we went down to the riverfront this afternoon to see it.

We started by walking across Eads Bridge (the long arched bridge in the top photograph) from the far (Illinois) side back to the city. Again, there were a lot of people on the walkway looking at the rapidly flowing mass of muddy water.

From the bridge you could see the riverside road completely submerged and the riverfront restaurant boats cut off. The park rangers had erected barriers to prevent people in the Westward Expansion park – site of the arch – from getting too close to the water. It had covered up the lower steps of the stairs leading down from the park to the river.

After we exited the bridge walkway, we walked into Laclede's Landing, the conglomerate of bars and restaurants right by the riverside. The water was reaching well up into this area, but only parking buildings were flooded.

The most affected riverside attraction was the President Casino based on the gleaming Admiral riverboat. The boat floated, of course, but the same was not true for the entrance. No gambling here at least for a while. All to the benefit of the Casino Queen on the Illinois side of the Mississippi, no doubt.