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I walked across Eads Bridge this lunchtime to get a good view of the swollen Mississippi. Normally there is no one there at all, but today was a very different story.

A jogger I might expect, and indeed I saw two, but there were couples and children, earnest looking gentlement with cameras, office workers and most astonishing of all, a video crew in the midst of conducting an interview.

Just who the man clutching the green clipboard might be, I do not know, but he was very voluble on how the weather patterns in the Midwest were changing as a result of global warming. Floods such as these would be a frequent occurence, he asserted, requiring a whole new approach to river management.

Perhaps he is right. I do not know, and I tend to be suspicious of anyone who claims to predict the weather. One thing is sure though – it is a lot wetter here these days.