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During our boat ride Jack mentioned that he was having troubles with his laptop computer. As I know more than some, I told him I would take a look at it after we got back.

So at just past 5 p.m. Jack picked me up in his jeep and we drove to his house. A fairly frustrating hour followed as a mysterious bug in Internet Explorer 7 defied any attempt to get it to work properly. Fortunately he had Firefox installed (but not Opera, sadly) so I was able to transfer his bookmarks and get internet access back.

Never mind. A beer and, even better, a wonderful Bloody Mary mix made up by Jack's wife jollied up the proceedings and Jack was very happy to be back on the 'net regardless.

The sun was low when I came out onto the porch before leaving. This is the sight that greets Jack each day. Not too shabby, I thought.