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Jack dropped me back at the boat with a mug full of Bloody Mary mix; within 20 minutes he and his wife were back with a large jug of the stuff.

Soon we were all sitting on the front of the boat almost arguing about religion, with Jack and the Captain's Wife prodding each other dangerously. The crew worked hard to maintain the peace, and no blows were landed. The subject turned to food, and Jack recommended Friday night 'all-you-can-eat' at Clancy's Supper Club on Main Street.

I was certainly taken with this, as were the Captain and his wife, and we headed off for an unexpectedly fine meal of cod, salmon and steak. The Captain's Wife interrogated the neighboring table, and met her match in two charming gentlemen who owned a house at the far end of the road from town. So charming in fact, that, when I left my reading glasses on the table they recovered them and chased us from restaurant to ice cream parlor to our boat to return them to me. We wondered why we were being shadowed all over town by a pick-up truck; it was a pleasure to enjoy such a fine resolution to the evening.

But now we had to wait for the remaining four members of the crew who were driving out from Chicago at the conclusion of the Kanye West concert. Their E.T.A. was about 4:30 a.m.; not exactly congenial to waiting up. However that's exactly what the Captain's Wife and the Cabin Boy volunteered to do.

I was going to sleep. Just before, though, a roar from the river brought us all out on deck to see a river barge pass by. Brightly lit with recognition lights, and with a powerful searchlight projecting forward to the water beyond the prow of the frontmost barge, it presented a gorgeous sight. Fiendishly difficult to photograph, though. Below to the right you can see red and orange lights of the tugboat and the stabbing blue of the searchlight as it illuminates one of the bridge supports.
I still have some of that Bloody Mary mix. Hmmmm…