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I've been feeling slightly under the weather most of the day, a niggling sore throat and lethargy. Many of my workmates feel similar or worse – something is going round.

The upshot was to generate a mood of rather apathetic detachment, so that when an invitation from someone I do not know arrived from this site this afternoon, I followed it rather than simply deleting it.

I found myself on www.ecademy.com, in the company of an extraordinarily large collection of personal trainers and meditation gurus, but did find Naomi as a familiar and welcome down-to-earth reference among the relentless happy talk. So many people want to take your money to help you take charge of your life! They all look so clean and shiny in their suits, with bright smiles and a full armory of affirmative clichΓ©s; I suppose they have a place tending to the chronically insecure moneyed classes. I just want to run a mile – give me a qualified and competent psychotherapist over these characters anyday.

Still, the day ended peacefully, with me in the garden sipping a beer and listening to my wife and friend chatting away and feeling ever so slight touches of J. Alfred Prufrock. Tomorrow will be better, I feel my slight sickness improving even as I write this.